Reviews & Testimonials

Lauren Raysor has been my attorney for over 10 years and has never failed me. She always takes the time to get to know you and to get to know the case. She has and will always do her best to let you know what you have to look forward to and how she can take you there. Honest, consistent and a pleasure to have a conversation with, she will always be my personal attorney and should be yours too.

Christopher W.

Ms. Raysor is a lady that is determining. She is a great lawyer that will fight for you all the way to the happy ending, it does not matter what it takes. God continue to bless her with knowledge & blessings.

Nalvin S.

My name is Miriam H., a client of Ms. Lauren P. Raysor.

I have known Ms. Raysor for over 12 years. She is a dedicated person who takes her cases seriously. Ms. Raysor will always see to it that the interests of her client/s come first to achieve satisfactory results.

As always, she is very dedicated & reliable.

Miriam H.

Lauren P. Raysor is the attorney for the people. We met over the phone the day after I received an eviction notice from my commercial landlord during the pandemic. She listened to my story and she jumped right in to advocate for me and my business at a time when I exhausted all other possibilities. During a very crippling time for me financially, Lauren represented me Pro Bono no questions asked. She answered my every call, every text, and every email. She spent many hours on the phone with me about my legal matter and explained details in a language I understood. Ms. Raysor introduced me to resources that helped educate and empower me during a time I felt hopeless. She went above and beyond. I’m so grateful God put her in my path.

Forever grateful,
Louisa McTurner
Proprietor, Weezie D. Women’s Clothing Store

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Committed, Capable, Confidential, and Courageous. Those are a few of the adjectives that I’d use to describe Attorney Lauren P. Raysor.

Our initial meeting was social and, within 48 hours, I had to call upon Ms. Raysor for her professional services as my attorney in an out-of-state property matter.

I was a nervous wreck and, in spite of the urgency and the late notice, Ms. Raysor took the case and, within hours, had made contact and quelled a situation that could have cost me tens of thousands of dollars to settle.

That was the first of many times that Lauren P. Raysor and her legal knowledge came to save the day.

Lauren continued to assist in the case and maintained contact with the attorney to ensure that the settlement and stipulations were carried out to the letter.

There was nothing that was required to address the matter that was overlooked or ignored. The desired result was achieved under the legal guidance and advice of Attorney Raysor.

ADVOCACY is a word that also describes what the law offices of Lauren P. Raysor offers. From the beginning of the case to the end of the case, I was amazed at the thought and care given to the cases she handled on my behalf. From personal injury to divorce to property and many other aspects of the law, her knowledge was brought to bear in representing me, as well as those I referred to her.

Attorney Raysor often takes cases because the defendant has exhausted all others willing to help or take the case. Attorney Raysor steps in to save the day. Taking into account the financial profile of each client, she somehow works it out and allows clients to afford her services.

Confidentiality was and is very important to me and is one of the reasons I have maintained and cultivated a sisterhood with Attorney Raysor and her staff.

Attorney Lauren P. Raysor has taken on cases and companies that many would have shied away from. Attorney Raysor enjoys taking on the Big Fish and giving them a run for their money as she aims to win.

Attorney Raysor has been a key element of the legal team for my negotiations for six years. I would recommend her for your legal needs.

A Satisfied Client

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Unfortunately, my children’s village has included a divorce lawyer and a family lawyer. Fortunately, I found both in the attorney Lauren P. Raysor.
Ms. Lauren P. Raysor is a very dedicated lawyer. Throughout, she has proven herself to genuinely care, not just about the best outcome for her client (me), but also for the true well-being of my children.
Counselor Lauren P. Raysor is very committed. Outside of family, friends, and well-wishers, I owe a great deal of gratitude to two more people when it comes to my children. One is the obstetrician who delivered them and the other is attorney Lauren P. Raysor. I highly recommend counselor Lauren P. Raysor to you all.
Sincerely, Kerby SG